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When to Stop Using a Baby Monitor (Most Opportune Time)

My princess just turned two years, and I still use my baby monitor though on rare occasions.

Well, for some parents/guardians, once their baby turns six months old, a baby monitor is as good as a forgotten gadget. Conversely, other parents/ guardians would feel that they should keep an eye on their babies until they become teenagers.

You see, when to stop using a baby monitor is entirely an individual aspect. What works for you may be a different scenario for the other persons.

There are some situations that may force a parent to use a baby monitor for longer. For instance, the prevailing health conditions of their child, parents who are heavy sleepers, when parents sleep on different floors with children, etc.

Basically, there is no general rule as to when to stop using a baby monitor.

When to Use a Baby Monitor

Less than six months old

Young infants require utmost care as they are vulnerable to conditions such as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). You will need to check on them several times during night time and what a better way to do so without disturbing their peaceful sleep than using a baby monitor. 

In addition, Infants communicate through cries for instance when they are hungry, feeling uncomfortable, when sleepy, etc. and at times, you may not hear their low angelic voice as they cry.

That’s why you will need a long range baby monitor that captures even their tiny sounds to help you respond in time to their needs.

Six months to one year old

Once babies turn 6 months old, they are more likely to sleep peacefully throughout the night. To encourage healthy sleeping habits, you may slowly reduce the usage of the baby monitor at night.

Remember, not every sound, snooze that a baby makes require attention. If need be, you can adjust the audio volume so the monitor can capture loud sounds and movements that may need your attention.

Consistent sleep patterns encourage the feeling of independence among babies consequently reducing the need for a monitor.  

After one year

By the time your baby celebrates her first birthday, you may not need a baby monitor anymore.

However, a baby monitor may be handy in some instances like when she transitions from a baby crib to a toddler bed.

Adjusting to the new environment might be a bit difficult for your young one. Therefore, you may decide to use a baby monitor so as to respond to her cries and restlessness.

In addition, you may need a baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby on some bad days when she is sick. Also, some parents prefer using a baby monitor when on vacation.

Day time naps

Congratulations! Your baby can sleep well during night-time and you may not need a monitor anymore.

But hey, you might not do away with the baby monitor yet, especially during daytime naps. It offers you the flexibility to undertake your chores within the house or at the yard with peace, even as you keep in touch with her. 

When to Stop Using a Baby Monitor

When anxiety creeps in

Prolonged use of the baby monitor may lead to anxiety. At times I could find myself checking on the baby monitor even with the slightest sound that didn’t even come from the baby’s room.

Not to mention the constant night-wakes I had to make after an hour or two leading to sleep deprivation. 

Some parents even suffer from depression as a result of intense anxiety associated with the use of the baby monitor.

Thus, suffering from anxiety is a wake-up call for you to stop using the monitor. However, you will need lots of patience as you slowly withdraw its usage until you are done with it. 

When she is old enough

By the time your baby gets to one year or so, I bet you can hear her loud cry from your bedroom especially if the two rooms are close to each other.

Also, some older kids can even come to your room to seek audience whenever they have any issues at night. That’s a great sign that you no longer need a baby monitor.

Close sleeping rooms

If your baby sleeps in a nearby room and her voice is loud enough, for you to hear cries, coughs, snoozing, etc. then it’s time to retire your baby monitor.

When Should You Continue Using a Baby Monitor?

Health conditions

For parents/guardians whose child has a health condition, a baby monitor remains a necessary gadget. They would need to keep an eye on their child at all times and respond promptly when she requires help.

Also, for parents whose child is a sleepwalker, a baby monitor is must-have for checking on her whenever she tries to get out of the room.

In addition, a baby monitor is a handy tool for monitoring children suffering from nightmares.

Large house 

Parents living in a large house may need to use a baby monitor for a prolonged period of time. This is especially true if you and the children are sleeping on different floors within your house.  

It is quite frustrating for a child when she calls for help in such a house in vain. Thus, a baby monitor will save both of you from such trouble.

Heavy sleepers

If you are the heavy-sleeper type and find it difficult hearing even the loudest cry from your baby, then you need to stay with a baby monitor for an extended period.

The baby monitor will work fine for both of you until she is loud enough to wake you up or old enough to come along to your room to seek your help.

Parting Shot

Baby monitors give us the peace of mind that every parent or guardian need when raising and nurturing their babies.

Just like children outgrow clothes and other baby essentials, you will find that at some point both of you no longer need a baby monitor as well.

So, when to stop using a baby monitor?

Well, there is no distinct time on when to stop using one. Use a baby monitor as long as it beats its purpose.

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