What Can Your Kid Do On A Chromebook Laptop?

Most of the misinformed parents think that every Chromebook used by kids is just a browser and you cannot use it as effectively as you would use Windows computers.


Your kid does not have to be connected to the internet to get the most out of a Chromebook computer. So besides knowing how much the device will cost, it is also important to learn more about what your child can actually use the gadget for.

For the most part, boys and girls often use laptops for school work. But there are more ways in which they can get the most out of these devices.

But really, what can your kid do on a Chromebook laptop?

So what is a Chromebook good for? Below are 5 things that you never knew your kid could do on a Chromebook.

What Can Your Kid Do on a Chromebook? 

1. Edit Images with Adobe Photoshop

Sure, Chromebooks are nice. But they cannot run Photoshop. However, Adobe recently announced that there would be Photoshop available for streaming on Chrome app.

This means Photoshop will also work well on Chrome Linux and Chrome OS. For this to happen, windows version will run on Adobe servers and lastly streamed to Chrome web browser.

2. Use Chrome OS Launcher as a Calculator

Chromebook for studies

If your kid wants to do quick calculations on a Chromebook, they can use the recently updated Chrome OS launcher. All your kid has to do is type the problem that he or she wants to solve and put the equal sign at the end of it all.

It not only tells your kid that 9 x 8 is 72 but also add that 7+2 is 9. It can also calculate unit conversions like ounces to grams, inches to centimeters, grams to kilograms and so on.

All your boy or girl has to do is type in the number and unit identifier.

3. Make Skype Calls

Kids can use Chromebooks to chat will family members and friends online using the skype service. Chromebooks can also use web interfaces to help your kid make audio or video calls.

4. Use OK Google to Search for Information

Chromebook for OK Google

Google added one of its powerful voice activation to Chrome browser and launcher. For your kid to open it, he or she will have to click on the setting icon and find search section.

Then, they will be required to enable the OK Google to start voice searches. Some of the searches that Google offers are:

  • Find a movie
  • Find nearby places
  • Find  time
  • Answer trivia questions
  • Convert between units
  • Define words
  • Solve math problems
  • Translate Phrases or words
  • Calculate tips 

Even if it doesn’t launch applications like it does on Androids, your kid can still do cool staffs with it.

5. Draw a Masterpiece on a Touchscreen Chromebook

Most chromebooks are touchscreen enabled. A good example is the Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible that folds into a tablet mode.


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