Top 5 Best PC Tools to Grow Your Kids’ Creativity

If you are reading this article then you are definitely looking for ideas on how to spend some quality time with your children. It’s no wonder – kids always require a lot of engagement and attention, and your parental skill to keep them busy is significantly meaningful these days when people have to stay at home more than ever.

So, how to keep kids from driving you crazy? TV, YouTube videos and PC games make them bored sooner or later and they start hanging around aimlessly. Let’s take some advantage of the situation and kill two birds with one stone – make use of your computer and inspire your children’s creativity. Below, the selection of tools that will help you do it successfully.

1. Photo Collage Maker

A photo collage maker for pc is a real find for those who are into handiwork and like creating all kinds of holiday cards, artistic photo collages and scrapbooks with their own hands. It’s a very captivating process, no doubt, but imagine all this mess of papers, buttons, ribbons and glue when your little ones are in the game. That’s why a pc program is a win-win choice. Despite this software being totally intuitive, using it for creativity will develop your kids’ computer skills. Just take a look what amazing stuff you can create with Photo Collage Maker:

  • A Mother’s Day holiday card
  • A colorful birthday invitation card
  • A creative Christmas card
  • A memorable vacation photo book
  • A fancy school days collage

For all the cards use your own photos – it will make the collages absolutely unique and valued.


GIMP is an amazing piece of software for image manipulation and photo editing. Its simple interface makes the application suitable for kids aged 10+. And it’s free.

Is it difficult for your children to concentrate their attention and complete a task? Are they not very good at organizing materials and planning to set and achieve goals? Give them GIMP! Recalling and retaining different editing tools, options, filters, and effects will train your working memory in the most efficient way. Numerous online tutorials will help you and your kids to master the wide toolset within this easy photo editor.

3. PowToon

Initially, this animation software was developed for business usage rather than for kids’ amusement. But due to its user-friendly interface, a truly engaging creation process and very interesting projects, your children will love PowToon.

It’s a shareware online service for making animated photo slideshows. While working on your presentation, you can use pre-made pictures of cartoon and comics characters, infographics or black & white graphics. Among its key features is a wide range of ready-to-use editable templates. Also, the software gives you  a possibility to add your own photos & videos and record voice comments. Then, save your project in the MP4 format and upload it to YouTube or Facebook to amaze your friends.

4. Scratch

Every person is born with creativity. Someone’s creativity is programming. The earlier you notice it, the earlier you can start developing it. To do it, consider Scratch – it’s a free programming language and at the same time a programming tool with which your kids can create their own games, animations and interactive stories. One of the main advantages of Scratch is an absolutely intuitive visual interface that makes the software simple to handle and available for everyone to work with. 

Special goals of the Scratch developers is to teach very young people to think logically and to stimulate their imagination.

5. FlexiMusic Kids Composer

Want to see how simple music composing can be? Your little ones can easily demonstrate you with this music making program. All you need to use FlexiMusic Kids Composer is a little creativity and interest in music. The software comes with plenty of tunes – you can mix and match them to build complete songs. You will like hundreds of quality sounds and musical instruments (keyboards,drums, guitars, sound effects, horns, etc.). Its colorful interface, big simple buttons and basic tools are perfect to manage even for the youngest ones. Also, the app will allow you to record your vocals and change it in a built-in audio editor. When your song is ready, save & e-mail it to family and friends. With FlexiMusic Kids Composer, it’s funny and easy to create your own music!

Nowadays it’s quite real to nurture your kids’ talents and creativity with the help of computer programs. What’s more, it’s an amazing way to spend your free time with benefits together. Each software mentioned above is attractive in its own way. So, enjoy trying a suitable one or all of them one by one.

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