🥇Most Expensive Drone in the World 2020

Most Expensive Drone in the World 2020

Welcome to my page on the most elite drones available for public use. Civil drones and drone technologies have come a long way in recent years and all is well. It’s also very exciting.

Until recently, there were only two types of drones. We had drones for beginners, which were little more than cheap toys. And we had expensive weapon drones, available only to governments.

The vacuum no longer exists between the two extremes above. Today we have drones for children, hobbyists, serious enthusiasts, prosumers and professionals from various industries.

Most Expensive Drone in the World

This guide focuses on the ultimate civilian drones currently available on Amazon.

The main differences between low-cost drones and high-end drones are that they become much smarter and much more powerful. The best drones excel in the following areas:

  • Technology used
  • Camera quality (still images and motion) / recording capabilities
  • Range of useful and smart features
  • Size and materials (drones can withstand harsher climates and accidental landings)
  • Flight time (battery life)
  • Speed ​​capacity
  • Operating range
  • Types of controllers
  • Ease of use

Anyone who isn’t familiar with drones can try inexpensive models for less than a hundred dollars. Few people keep cheap drones once they get the bug, as most drone operators do.

Today, drones come in all shapes and sizes in a wide range of prices. Some are even more expensive than a family car. Like most things in life, the more you pay, the more you can expect.

What can expensive drones help you do?

The list of things you can accomplish with the RIGHT drone is exciting.

Imagine capturing breathtaking views from an angle that few people see.

Think of the things you could do!

Drones definitely tend to become an important part of everyday life in the near future.

Here are other popular ways to use drones:

  • Aerial views – ideal for property sales, nature tours, inspections, etc.
  • Photography – imagine the action photos you could get! Whales, sportsmen, birds … you name it. With the right camera, you can capture it.
  • Filming – take amateur filming to the next level
  • Aerial inspections – identifying crop fields or other land management tasks
  • Spying – you can gain access to public land that is otherwise hidden from human view
  • Delivery – everything from the item you bought on Amazon to picking up an item from your friend
  • Save lives – wilderness rescue. This can be much more effective than sending a research group.
  • Transportation – Remember all those times when you wished for a private jet? It is said that drones can one day transport real human beings

Take any of these points and really think about what you can do. It is to create a lucrative business out of it all.

Unmanned aircraft will be an integral part of our future, and it’s no wonder everyone wants to be part of it! The biggest concerns with drones are privacy at the moment, since the drone can easily access other people’s personal space without their permission, some people are concerned about protecting their privacy.

So if you are planning to become a drone pilot, always keep these privacy issues in mind.

But before you buy a drone – clarify the reason why you want to use it – because some features will be much more important than others.

Let’s see what features of a drone will affect what you can do with it.

Find a drone with the best image quality, the best range and the best battery life

Of course, you can’t do any of these great things unless you have an aircraft with the right features.

When buying an expensive drone, be sure to pay attention to these qualities:

  • Battery life
  • Range
  • Camera quality
  • Weight (to withstand bad weather)
  • Cut
  • Speed
  • Easy control

We have tested dozens of drones and reviewed the best ones absolutely here.

High Quality Drones at Affordable Price

The drones in this price range are intended for serious amateurs, prosumers and professionals. The question you need to ask yourself is simple: what does a particular drone offer that your cheaper drone does not offer.

Yes, it will be an upgrade in key areas, but do you need these improvements? The answer is probably yes, that’s why you are here. This guide will help you make a more informed decision.

Most Expensive Drone in the World 2020

DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic Pro was the first portable quadcopter introduced by DJI, and it looks like a real transformer of the future! Once folded, this quadcopter is no bigger than a bottle of water, which makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

The Mavic Pro can reach speeds of up to 40 mph and fly regularly even in the face of 24 mph winds. You can stay connected to the quadcopter up to 4.3 miles, and one charge gives you up to 27 minutes of flight time. Thanks to integrated obstacle avoidance technology, the Mavic Pro is able to detect and avoid obstacles up to 49 feet away.

The camera is stabilized by a three-axis mechanical gimbal and produces impressive images with its 1 / 2.3 inch sensor which can take 12MP photos as well as 4K videos at 30fps or 1080p up to 96fps. The pack comes with a pocket controller that can be connected to your smartphone with a built-in cable, allowing you to view 1080p footage directly on your phone.

The Mavic Pro pack also includes two additional batteries and a bank adapter battery, two additional propellers, a charge concentrator, a car charger, a 16 GB memory card with adapter, a cleaning cloth and a shoulder bag.

  • Brilliantly portable
  • Beautiful 4K images and 12MP photos
  • Decent flight time
  • Lots of smart flight features
  • Images suffer a bit in low light

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus

It is is one of the best and most popular drones on the market
The Phantom 4 Pro Plus is perfect for capturing beautiful landscapes as the crow flies with its 1 inch sensor on a camera capable of shooting 4K Ultra HD video at 60 fps and capturing photos at 20 MP.

The Phantom 4 Pro Plus have camera is also enhanced with a mechanical shutter, which helps reduce distortion. What is probably the coolest thing about this drone is that DJI has made it shock resistant by packaging it with obstacle avoidance sensors that monitor the surroundings and stop the drone if it is on the point of hitting a tree, a wall or even a person.

Gimbal stabilization technology, with a hover function, provides smooth and clear images even in the strongest winds. The Phantom 4 Pro Plus comes with a remote control with a built-in 5.5 inch 1080p screen which offers a brightness of 1000 cd / m2, more than double that of conventional devices.

The drone has a 5,870 mAh battery, which gives it 30 minutes of flight time per charge, and it comes with a charger for the battery and the controller. The pack also includes a carrying case which is suitable for everything you need to fly.

DJI Mavic Pro

1. DJI Matrice 100

The DJI Matrice 100 is an incredibly flexible civilian drone. It is aimed at all those who love serious enthusiasts, companies or research companies. It turns out that it’s also a fun machine to drive, which is always a bonus.

The particularity of this quadricopter is its adaptability. Anyone or company can now customize and program their own flight platform to meet their exact flight needs.

Aside from advanced technology, the Matrice 100 is super easy to program, fly and control in the air. All thanks to the engineers’ emphasis on the user-friendly features of the drone.

The impressive guidance system and the high-quality landing gear allow you to get where you want and land safely, on any surface. This durability and clever design are two of its main selling points.

Many critics appreciate the DJI Matrice 100’s stereoscopic camera for its exceptional image quality. They are also right. It would be hard to settle for less after experiencing this 30X zoom.

You’ll love Lightbridge video transmission technology if you enjoy seeing live footage while your drone is in the air. Best of all is that you can view these images on most modern mobile devices.

A few other key features include the responsive flight controller, improved propulsion system and high-end infrared (IR) cameras.

2. DJI Matrice 600

It is the last of my top picks in the under $ 5,000 category. It is also another six rotors (hexacopter). The DJI Matrice 600 is ideal for anyone wishing to film cinema-quality aerial images.

If you’re a budding or professional filmmaker who wants superior quality on a tighter budget, keep reading. You will at least want the Matrice 600 heavy lift in your list of options.

  It is a fairly large drone like most hexacopters. It must be. Yet despite the size, it’s a breeze to set up and fly out of the box. It is also easy to maintain.

The engineers took great care in the construction and capabilities of the Matrice 600. It has a lightweight aluminum body with foldable arms (carbon fiber) and a retractable landing gear – perfect for filming.

You don’t have to worry about filming the obstructions with the retractable legs. And your equipment is safe in the air because this drone can recover and land safely if one of its engines breaks down.

The A3 flight controller is a reassuring piece. Its integrated security features give the user peace of mind. This allows you to focus on filming without worrying about the airborne craft.

DJI Matrice 600’s integrated security measures include:

  1. Loss of signal
  2. Low battery
  3. Propulsion failure (up to three engines)

If you want to customize your drone, you also have many options. It’s thanks to multiple expansion ports and SDK support that lets you create your own mobile apps.

The M600 can lift up to 13.2 lbs, which is a fairly large payload. As a videographer, it gives you a lot more flexibility and options when it comes to camera choices, gimbals and accessories.

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The Matrice 600 Pro was designed for professional filmmakers looking for a high-end and powerful quadcopter for industrial applications. This drone has a configuration with six rotors; if you lose a propeller, engine or ESC during the flight, it will still be able to fly on five of the six engines.

The Matrice 600 Pro also runs on six separate batteries, so if one of them is damaged during the flight, you can be sure it will still fly. The drone supports the full range of DJI Zenmuse cameras and gimbals, so you can customize it to suit your needs. The lightweight design and capacity of six batteries allow up to 35 minutes of flight time with the Zenmuse X5 or XT camera and up to 16 minutes with a heavier payload.

The Matrice 600 Pro can lift up to 34 pounds while maintaining stability and redundancy. It can fly at a maximum altitude of 1.5 miles above sea level at a maximum speed of 40 mph in windless conditions. The drone is supplied with the A3 Pro flight controller and the Lightbridge 2 system.

This gives the hexacopter triple redundancy and algorithms that provide the operator with precise diagnostic information in real time. The Matrice 600 Pro is a dignified and super powerful airplane that can be personalized with any camera, gimbal and accessory to bring the images you envision to life.

It is a surprisingly light large 6-rotor drone (hexacopter). The Yuneec Tornado H920 particularly appeals to amateur and professional filmmakers and videographers.

I can also see the Tornado having wider uses once its popularity and true potential are better known. It would be ideal for search and rescue and in law enforcement as two examples.

Don’t be intimidated by the size of this flying beast. The Tornado H920 is almost as easy to fly as any of the popular small drones. The only downside is that stopping it takes a bit of practice.

At just 5 kg and with a fully retractable landing gear, it’s not a heavy or clunky drone to carry. It may not seem too portable on the launch pad, but it is. Appearances – in this case – are deceptive.

As for recording quality 4K video… how does the click of a button sound? That’s about all you need to do to capture great aerial images of any place, person or thing.

Some key features of the Yuneec Tornado H920 must be its lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber frame and its foldaway arms with integral safety. Others are the landing gear of the hexacopter and the ability to return home.

There is a lot to admire with the Tornado with many interesting features to explore. The cost is around $ 3,200, making it a worthy competitor in its class.

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