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The Best Long Range Baby Monitors in 2019

The relationship between a mother and her newborn is almost always impeccable. Take the baby away from her for just an hour, and she’ll feel like a part of her is gone. From the time a child is one day old to the time they realize they exist, a mother often prefers to keep tabs […]

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The Best Earbuds to Buy Your Kids in 2019

Available in three different color options that perfectly suits boys and girls aged 6, and built to hold well in very small ears, the LilGadgets BestBuds In-Ear Headphones are the best earbuds for kids that we have seen so far.  Besides the tangle cable that comes with a built-In playback remote and a microphone, LilGadgets […]

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The Best Metal Detector for Kids in 2019

​ Featuring a depth detector, an LCD screen, and three different audio tones, Bounty Hunter Quicksilver is the best metal detector for kids that money can buy. Known to dig better target, and built to differentiate between real metals and useless objects, this device lets your young one find metals with ease – without spending […]

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The Best Fitbit for Kids for 2019

Popish purple and electric blue in color options, the Fitbit Ace is the overall best Fitbit for kids recommended by many parents. Slightly sleek and slim, with a small strap that easily fits kids with smaller wrists, this activity tracker can monitor your kid’s fitness on the go.From counting steps to analyzing sleep, the Ace […]

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