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The Best Video Camera for Kids this Year

I wish all parents would agree on the best video camera for kids. But, they don’t. With dozens, if not hundreds of cameras out there, it seems quite difficult to choose one for your child right off the bat. In fact, there’s always a lot to look at before choosing a good camera for a […]

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The Best Chromebooks for Kids

Computer literacy is no longer an option in today’s digital world. Even kids have now been introduced to the concept of learning about technology in schools.  One of the most popular types of the best laptop for kids is the Chromebook. In fact, the best Chromebooks for kids are increasing in popularity because of their […]

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The Best Earbuds to Buy Your Kids in 2019

Available in three different color options that perfectly suits boys and girls aged 6, and built to hold well in very small ears, the LilGadgets BestBuds In-Ear Headphones are the best earbuds for kids that we have seen so far.  Besides the tangle cable that comes with a built-In playback remote and a microphone, LilGadgets […]

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The Best Metal Detector for Kids in 2019

​ Featuring a depth detector, an LCD screen, and three different audio tones, Bounty Hunter Quicksilver is the best metal detector for kids that money can buy. Known to dig better target, and built to differentiate between real metals and useless objects, this device lets your young one find metals with ease – without spending […]

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Best Portable DVD Player for Kids in Car in 2019

What to look for when buying a Portable DVD player for kidsBattery lifeA good Portable DVD player should have a good battery life of up to 4 hours plus. It should also be rechargeable.Breaking point memoryMake sure you buy your kid a portable DVD player that has good power off resume function this will allow […]

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