Best Toys and Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls

Best Toys and Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls.

Choosing the best toys and  gifts for 10-year-old girls can be quite challenging. They no longer want to engage in what they term as ‘childish’ activities but at the same time they want to play, have fun and engage in mind-blowing activities.

Remember at that age, she would want to gain some independence, create friendships and basically explore their talents and gifts. Thus, it is significant to look out for toys that enhance their developmental milestones.



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La Scoota 2-in-1 Scooter

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Factors to Consider When Shopping for Best Toys and Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls.

1. Creativity

As your child approaches teenage years, they associate with activities that spark their imagination and creativity. They develop an interest in art such as crafts, painting, and drawing.

In addition, they take entitled in their own creations and can assess the quality and value of each art. Why not encourage your daughter to explore their hidden talent/skills by providing them with a platform that brings out their creative nature?

There are lots of cool toys for ten-year-old girls, for instance, the creative kit board presents a strong sense of color and designs that allows her to play around with her creation.

2. Skill building

As she outgrows her ‘childish’ activities and works towards independence, it is now time for your 10-year-old girl to broaden her mind and skill set. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a toy with an educational attachment.

For instance, most science toys incorporate STEM technology. Also, look out for toys that enhance your child’s vocabulary and creative arts.

3. Social value

Social development is integral for ten-year-olds. They begin to create friendships often based on common interests and activities. In doing so, they learn the value of friendship and in most cases build long-lasting relationships.

And what a better way for them to bond at this stage that engaging in fun activities together using the best toys for 10-year-old girls. Encourage this development by getting her fun toys for 10-year-old girls for instance Sleepover Party Activity Game.

This way, you will not only encourage friendships but also mold her on how to relate well with adults in a modest way.

4. Safety

Always go for toys that are made of high-quality materials. They not only guarantee long-term service but also keep your little one safe as they play.

5. Physical development

Ten-year-olds are physically active and exhibit so much energy as their bodies prepare for the puberty stage. They can balance their body well, coordinate and move around with so much ease.

Thus, they tend to be more interested in vigorous outdoor activities for instance skating, dancing, swimming, etc. Encourage her to explore her talent or interests as early as possible by gifting her with the best toy that encourages physical activity, for instance, the La Skoota 2-in-1 scooter.

Reviews of the Best Toys and Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls

1. La scoota 2-in-1 scooter

Inspire your princess’s motor, balancing and coordination skills even as you build her confidence with this La Scoota 2-in-1 self-balancing scooter.

Why this scooter?


At times kids can get unruly and it seems the manufacturer of this awesome scooter knew this too well.

The 2-in-1 scooter is made to withstand any pressure that may be exerted on it thanks to the aluminum alloy and stainless steel material parts.

Breaks sometimes get worn-out easily but not for this particular scooter. Its breaks are made of sturdy stainless- steel ABS.

Comfortable riding

Your princess will certainly enjoy the smooth, quiet scooting experience with this self-balancing scooter. The large front tires coupled with great polyurethane wheels make levels up even the bumpiest roads, for a smooth ride.

Enhances riding skills

Featuring a lean-on steer technology, La Scoota works by the user leaning front rather than steering the wheels. As a result, your daughter’s balancing and co-ordination skills get sharpened significantly with this innovative technology.

Great stability

You can never underestimate the stability of the La Scoota scooter thanks to its low to the ground, wide deck that comfortably fit both feet of the user. Its stability is additionally enhanced by the stable steering wheels and smooth gliding wheels.


The 2-in-1 scooter works either in a ride-along mode, or the scooter mode. The scooter features a removable and comfy seat that young ones can comfortably sit as they ride. Once they are of age, they can easily switch to scooting mode.

To cater for children cutting across different age groups, the scooter features an adjustable handlebar. Thus you can easily adjust the scooter to suit her height.

2. Ourlife Waterproof Kids Camera with Video Recorder

I would get thrilled every time my pre-teen daughter poses for the selfies, capture great snaps during birthday parties, vacation and so much more. Yes, children love taking selfies and 10-year-old girls are no exception.

I bet she would get so excited if you gift her with this amazing pink kids camera. Ourlife kids camera is packed with great features that ensure that she captures each memorable moment well.

Easy to operate

Ourlife kids camera comes along with everything your little videographer needs to kick start her passion early.

Whether it is the memory card, the mounting accessories, the waterproof casing, or even the neck strap for ease of carrying along, this camera comes packed with all these accessories.

To operate it, all she needs to do is to follow the camera’s user manual written in simple terms with lots of visual accompaniment.


The camera is made of environmentally-friendly and durable materials. Thus, your 10-year-old girl can safely make use of it till she outgrows.


What I love most about this camera is its simple design; it is small and lightweight hence a perfect fit for kids. Note that, its size does not interfere with its performance as it is sturdy.

Also, the camera features a waterproof casing that does not interfere with its operation since she can easily access the operation buttons.

The pink camera is packed with 3.7V inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery. When fully charged your little videographer can operate it for up to 90 minutes of continuous use. So much fun, right!

In addition, the camera features specially designed 1.77” LCD screen for a great display. It is packed with great accessories that allows her to easily mount the camera on the bicycle, helmet or on a tripod mount, for instance, a selfie stick.

Good quality

The camera supports both photography and videography. It takes high-resolution photos of up to 5 megapixels and also captures high definition videos of up to 1280*720 pixels.

Ourlife kids camera also allows your daughter to play around with 7 color shooting mode as well as customize pictures with the available six graphic frames.

3. Think Fun Gravity Marble Game

Think fun gravity maze logic game is a three-in-one game that functions as a STEM toy, logic game, and marble run. It entails using science concepts at home but in a fun and simple way.

The logic game is a perfect toy for a 10-year-old girl. Here’s why.

Educational value

Being a STEM toy, the gravity maze enriches her innovative capacities in the fields of engineering, technology, science and mathematics through logic and spatial reasoning skills.

By playing this game, children enrich their minds with science concepts such as the force of gravity, and the law of physics in a fun learning environment. What’s more, the hands-on experience boost their interest in science as they realize that it isn’t a complex, boring subject after all!

Develops critical skills

Basically, this exciting game applies the laws of physics and power of gravity in its challenges.

It entails using problem-solving and logic skills to build the towers in such a way that the marble falls through to the target tower.

What’s more, this game sharpens the user's STEM and creative thinking skills as well as visual perception and reasoning skills. Other important skills developed while playing this game include planning and orientation skills.

Great design

The gravity maze logic game is intelligently crafted comprising of 1 target tower, 9 building towers, 3 marbles, simple instructional manual, and 1 challenge grid.

Your kid will never get enough of this toy as it features 60 multi-level challenges to put hands on. The challenges range from beginner, advanced to expert levels. As one moves from one level to the other, it becomes increasingly complex demanding great reasoning.

The logic game works by arranging the towers in the challenge grid. The next step is to place the building towers strategically so that the tiny, shiny marble falls from the starting point all the way to the target tower, to win the game.

4. Mini- Explorer Terrarium Kit

Introduce your pre-teen to the magic world of science and the beauty of nature with this incredible terrarium light up jar. It not only seeks to spark her passion in science but its simply entertaining and magical.

Here is why you ought to add to your list of toys/gifts for your princess.

How it works

The terrarium works in a simple yet exciting process that entails laying the sand, soil, rocks and more soil in the terrarium jar. After that, you place the miniatures, mushroom bunny, and close the jar with LED light-up lid.

Decorate the jar, with your favorite stickers to your own liking then watch as it grows and glows. Quite simple, right! To nurture it into a beautiful ecosystem, you will need to spray the seedlings and also place it in a strategic place to receive some sunlight.

At night, experience the amazing glow of the innovative LED Light-Up Terrarium that you can control by just a touch of the switch on/off button. When fully charged, the light works for a maximum of up to 5 hours.

Develops critical skills

The light-up terrarium introduces your child into the world of life science through hands-on experience of creating own ecosystem, caring and nurturing it into beautiful nature. They develop vast knowledge on STEM.

Not only does it instill essential science skills but also social skills. Some of the skills include diligence, responsibility, and discipline.


A science project has never been as fascinating as this Mini Explorer Terrarium. It allows children to exercise their curiosity by customizing the terrarium to their own desire, watch it grow by the day and glow by night. Such a magical experience!

Easy to assemble

The light-up terrarium kit comes packed with a terrarium jar, light-up jar lid, chia and wheatgrass seeds, micro-USB charging cable, removable stickers, and a spray bottle. Other features include soil, blue sand, river rocks, and wooden stick among others.

With the aid of a well-written step by step instructional manual, she can immediately commence assembling the terrarium in an easy and fun process.

5. Alex DIY Bracelet Kit

Introduce her into the world of bracelet weaving with this amazing Alex DIY Bracelet Kit. With this kit, she can make up to 22 colorful bracelets with so much ease and lots of fun.

Packed with lots of accessories, she can use it solely and have a fun-filled day. Alternatively, she can join or invite a group of friends to enjoy bracelet weaving together.

Main features:

Multiple designs

With this bracelet kit, the young ladies can make beautiful friendship bracelets that come in various shapes such as hearts, diamond, flowers, stripes, and flowers. To simplify the weaving process, the kit features a handy tool that ensures one makes as many bracelets as possible.

Suitable for parties/ sleepover

Whether you are on a party or just visited your buddies for a sleepover, no more gloomy moments with this Alex DIY friendship bracelet. Packed with lots of weaving supplies enough for up to four persons to weave together at a go.

A full pack of accessories

The Alex DIY Friends Forever Kit comes along with lots of accessories that not only make bracelet weaving fun but also simplifies the whole process.

Some of these features include 4 color-coded looms; 2 foam friendship wheel and 2 foam square wheels, and 22 different colors of embroidery.

Other features include beads, beading needle, and a simple user manual.

​6. Creativity Fashion Design Kit

A perfect gift for any pre-teen girl who loves to try her hands-on fashion design. The craft kit contains everything she needs to put her fashion dream into action all in a portable kit.

Whether she is at home, catching up with friends, or even traveling, she can pop up her fashion kit and have so much fun.

But why this kit?

Easy to use

With the fashion design kit, your toddler gets to learn some basics of fashion design by following simple illustrated instructions. The booklet guides aspiring fashion designers on how to design fabrics and takes them through the designing process.

In addition, the kit comes along with a sketchbook containing various designs that your little designer can put her hands down on.

Promotes creativity

Unleash your girl’s talent of sketching, drawing, designing, sewing, color-matching and kick start her to a great career with this fashion design kit.

With this kit, your daughter can sketch up various designs and put it together into a beautiful fabric using the various accessories found in the kit. It not only enhances her creative ability but she gets to have lots of fun playing around with different fabrics and color.

The ultimate gift for aspiring designers.

The creativity fashion design kit offers little designers everything they need to kick start their passion in design. The kit features over 50 pieces that include mannequin dress, ribbons, trims, sketch booklet, different fabrics just to mention a few.

Unbelievably, you will also find some of the real design tools in it such as the tape measure, scissors, pins, and miniature mannikin, etc. Basically, it features must-have tools for a fashion designer.

However, note that, since some of the tools can cause harm, it is important to monitor your daughter every time she uses this tool. The craft kit is recommended for children aged nine years and above.

7. TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker

How about introducing your 10-year-old daughter to a healthy lifestyle at their tender age. The fitness activity tracker for kids promotes workout exercise and healthy sleeping habits. To achieve the best results, combine it with a healthy diet and activities that keep her body in shape.

Wondering whether the wristband will fit your little one? Well, it is an adjustable band designed to fit almost anyone with the exception of young babies and plus-size adults.

What I love most about this fitness band is the fact that it can be synchronized with an android phone or iPhone using Bluetooth. For tablets, this is made possible via Veryfit 2.0 or VeryFit Pro app.

Other incredible functions of the Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker include working a silent alarm, sedentary reminder, digital camera remote, social media notification, data storage tracker, alarm clock, etc.

Did I mention that the fitness tracker is waterproof hence a perfect device for even young kids? In addition, you don’t require a USB cable to recharge this Trendy Pro fitness tracker.

8. Playz Kaboom Science Lab Kit

Complex science concepts at times can take away the fun that comes with dealing with chemical reactions and experiments. But not anymore! With this explosive combustion lab science kit, your child will put hands-on experience on theoretical concepts learned in class for easy understanding.

Your pre-teen will have fun-filled experience trying out over 25 science experiments revolving around technology, math, science, and engineering. Some of the experiments include creating a car explosion, making rockets balloon, explosive geyser, and fizzy bombs from a chemical reaction.

Packed with over 27 tools and ingredients, the kit brings science to life as she experiments on chemical transformations, combustion, electric currents, and explosions.

Worried about how your little scientist will maneuver through the various lab processes and tests to achieve desired results? Well, the kit comes along with 36-page activities and lab guide that will take her through each step of the various STEM experiments. The well-written lab guide features illustrated pictures for easier understanding.

Explosive science lab kit is suitable for use by kids aged at least eight (8) years. However, note that adult supervision may be required for most of these experiments.

9. Easy-bake Ultimate Oven

A 10-year-old will be absolutely thrilled making some savory treats, snacks and sumptuous cakes for family and friends with this Easy-bake Ultimate Oven.

The ultimate baking oven is a modern, stylish oven that operates using electric power. Note that the oven works well with any refill mix from Ultimate Oven.

It comes packaged with everything aspiring bakers would need to make those delicious treats. They include baking pan, pan tool, brownie mix, sugar crystals, and frost mix. Also included is an easy instructional manual to help the young baking stars crack the baking process.

Being an electric toy, adult supervision is necessary whenever she handles or operates the oven.

It is highly recommended as one of the cool gifts for 10-year-old girls.

10. Sleepover Party Activity Game.

Pre-teens love to hang out with friends and no wonder you will hear of sleepover party more than often. With over 200 games, this activity game will keep them busy but entertained all night.

Sleepover party game entails working, partying or acting through the different challenges it presents, so much fun! They will never run out of things to do with this ultimate game kit.

It is a group game activity that works best when played together by at least 3 friends.

Included in the all-inclusive games kit is a spinner, playing cards, and easy to follow instructions.

11. Alex Toys Ceramic Tea Pot

How about instilling good etiquette and great social behavior in your young one’s life by getting creative with this ceramic teapot.

Who would resist tea time moments and even much more if the setup is colorful and thoughtfully-designed? This is what craft paint ceramic teapot offers you!

The 12 piece tea set features 4 teacups and saucers, a teapot lid, 1 sugar bowl, creamer, paint containers, and a paintbrush.

All she needs to do is to craft her own fun designs and paint the design on the teacups. The next step is placing it in the oven to make a permanent paint mark. Once ready, its time to serve your friends with hot tea.

The ceramic tea set features easy-to-follow instructions.

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