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Best Portable DVD Player for Kids

Best Portable DVD Player for Kids in Car in 2019

What to look for when buying a Portable DVD player for kids

Battery life

A good Portable DVD player should have a good battery life of up to 4 hours plus. It should also be rechargeable.

Breaking point memory

Make sure you buy your kid a portable DVD player that has good power off resume function this will allow him or her to pick up movies from where he or she had last left thus minimizing the time lost when forwarding or rewinding.

Support Formats

Make sure you choose a DVD player that supports a lot of media formats. That way you will have given you son or daughter a chance to play the formats he or she desires.

Editors' Choice

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4th Choice

The FUNAVO 9.5 inch


UEME 9 Lightweight and Versatile


UEME Portable DVD player

UEME Portable

Editors' Rating

Editors' Rating

Editors' Rating

1. Best portable DVD Player Reviews

DBPOWER 9", SD Card Slot and USB Port

DBPOWER 9” is a powerful, child proof portable DVD player.

This 9 inch DVD player is definitely the best gift you can have for your kid this Christmas.

It is also best for boys and girls who like traveling for long distances both by plane and by car.

It come in two versions that your young one will love; blue and pink


It comes with a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery which can run the DVD player for approximately 4 hours.


It supports DVD, CD, VCD, R/+R, CDR+RW/-RW, DVDR/+R and SVCD. The only format it doesn’t support is Blu-Ray DVDs.The DVD Player also has a USB port and SD Card slot.

Swiveling Screen

The Portable DVD player 800*480 Swivel screen. The screen can make a flip of 180 degrees and a rotation of 270 degrees.

Breaking Point

This portable DVD player for kids comes in with a breaking point memory. This means, your son or daughter can resume watching a movie from where he or she left it.

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  • The swivel screen is easy to attach to a car headrest
  • It comes in with a remote control
  • Can withstand a drop or two
  • It is affordable (Portable DVD Player Under $60)
  • Features a breaking point memory that resumes videos from where they stopped
  • Very loud volume

2. The FUNAVO 9.5": Easy to Use

FUNAVO 9.5” is a kids portable DVD player that comes in two colors namely, pink (best for both girls) and blue (best for boys).

This Portable DVD player for kids comes with free matching Headphones and a carrying case.


Its lithium battery is rechargeable and can stay up to 5 hours after a full charge. And in case the charge runs too low, you can recharge it using an AC adapter or a car charger.

Swivel screen 

It has an 800*480 swivel screen that can rotate 180 degrees thus giving your kids a perfect view all the time.

Play alternatives 

In case the screen appears to be too small for your kid, the AV input allows the DVD player to be connected to TV thus your kids enjoy their favorite movies on a huge screen.

Break-point memory

FUNAVO also has the ability of picking up a movies or a song from where it last left and continue playing it with no errors.

  • An option of connecting two players so that kids can watch movies separately is available
  • It comes in with a matching headphones and a carrying case
  • FUNAVO has a good battery that keep charge for long hours
  • It is convenient and easy to use
  • It is a bit expensive for people looking for under $30 option

3. UEME 9": Lightweight and Versatile

UEME 9 is the best portable DVD player for kids. It comes in with a remote control which makes it easy to use and a carrying case to help your kid carry it from one place to another. This player comes in two different colors namely, red and black. Your son or daughter is surely going to love to have it as a birthday present. By the way this is one of the best kid friendly portable DVD player I know.

In case the screen seems smaller while at home, you can use the AV input to connect it to your TV thus you littles one enjoys his favorite cartoon movie on a bigger screen.


The DVD player comes in with a rechargeable battery. This lithium battery can keep charge for long thus entertaining your kids during a long road trip.

Breaking Point functionality

The break point memory functionality makes it possible for your kid to pick up a movie from he or she had last left. It may also be known as the power off resume function.

Supported formats

The supported disc types include HDCD DVD-RW Music-CD CD-R DVD Mp3-CD SVCD Picture-CD EVD and Audiobook-CD. It also come in with a slot for a SD card (maximum 32 GB) and a pot for USB. Compatible video files include MP4, VOB and AVI; compatible audio files include WMA and MP3

And lastly, it comes in with a canvas headrest mount holder which has two strap that easily fits on the car headrest.

  • Impressive sound and picture quality
  • Comes in with a remote control
  • Plays a wide range of video and audio files
  • The use of remote is slightly complicated

4. UEME Portable DVD player

UEME Portable DVD player has a 10.1” LCD screen. This cheap portable DVD player for kids is best for kids who like going out for long trips. It comes in three colors your kids can pick from, these are black, white and pink. It also features a 2 x 1.5W stereo speaker.

Additionally, this personal portable DVD player is easy to carry thanks to its lightweight design. It is anti-shocking this is definitely the finest holiday gift you can have for your boy or girl.


It comes in with a built in rechargeable battery that can keep charge for long hours 5 hours plus thus keeping your kid s busy in the car.

Formats supported

The compatible disc types are Audiobook-CD CD-R DVD-RW DVD Mp3-CD DVD-R Music-CD Picture-CD EVD VCD SVCD. It also allows your kid to play the supported media files via the SD card slot or the USB port (32GB maximum). Compatible audio files include WMA and MP3 while compatible video files include MP4, VOB and AVI.

Breaking Point functionality

It also allows your kid to pick up a move from where he or she had last stopped. Like the UEME 9”, this portable DVD player for kids has two straps that can be fixed on the car headrest easily.

  • It is cheap
  • Plays a wider variety of video and audio files​
  • It slightly complicated to operate​

​Frequently Asked Questions

What does "DVD" stand for?

The term, simply stand for Digital Versatile Disc but others claim that it stands for nothing. What I know is that there is nothing with no meaning.

What is the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R?

DVD-R and DVD+R are two competing DVD formats, the only difference between the two is that they are hybrid drives. Most companies have taken sides with the DVD-R but only a few have taken sides with DVD+R.

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