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best metal detector for kids

The Best Metal Detector for Kids in 2019

Featuring a depth detector, an LCD screen, and three different audio tones, Bounty Hunter Quicksilver is the best metal detector for kids that money can buy.

Known to dig better target, and built to differentiate between real metals and useless objects, this device lets your young one find metals with ease – without spending too much time in the field.

While it doesn’t have special features like ground adjust balancing, it is affordable and very easy to operate.

The Research

If there is one thing that’s for sure, finding the best discovery detector for kids can be a bit nerve-wrecking. There are many options, from many different brands, made of different materials, at different prices.

We are not talking about toy detectors that really don’t find anything. We are talking about the real and truly unique option that can help your boy and girl find just about any treasure, like relics, coins, and jewelry.

So, how do you go about choosing a reliable kids metal detector without losing your mind? It’s simple. Examine the weight ease of control, and the price of the detector, and it’ll be easy to choose something that suits your loved one.

In this guide, we will walk you through some of the best metal detectors on the market, explain why they are worth it, and then let you decide which one is worth buying.

Let’s get started.


Product Name

Editors' Rating



Bounty Hunter QuickSilver


Bounty Hunter Tracker IV


Tesoro Compadre


Fisher F22

What to Look before Buying a Metal Detector for Kids

Before you buy a metal detector for kids, I’d recommend looking at the following factors.

1. Weight

Metal detector aren’t made equal. That means they weigh differently. A heavy detector isn’t suitable for a kid. Therefore, choose a lightweight one for them. The lesser the weight, the easier the detector is to carry. Also, lightweight detectors are easy to carry around for long, and this makes play for a youth in the field fun.

2. Control

Let’s agree on one thing: some metal detectors for kids are hard to control. They are either designed for adults then assumed to work well for kids or they are not designed properly at all. Choose a metal detector that your kid won’t have to struggle controlling the item.

3. Price

Price varies from brand to brand. It also varies depending on the features of the device. More often than not, how much you pay for the detector comes down to your budget. If price is not your biggest worry, a high-end option will do. If you are under a tight budget, consider an option that won’t break the bank.

Best Metal Detector for Kids Reviews 2018

1. Bounty Hunter QuickSilver

Bounty Hunter QuickSilver takes the first spot on our list, and it is a good option for you if you have an additional budget. It features a Visual Target ID, LCD Screen, Tone and Depth indicator.

Visual Target ID

With the Visual Target ID, the metal detector can easily lead your kid to where the portable ID of the target is found. With the help of the VTI, which does not use an analog meter, your kid can dig better targets instead of trash.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen shows your kid valuable information like battery levels, the present discrimination settings, target depth, and target ID. Therefore, Bounty Hunter QuickSilver is an improvement over the analog meter.


The metal detector features three built-in audio tones: low, high and medium. This means your kid can easily differentiate between treasure and trash.

Depth Detector

With the help of the built-in depth detector, QuickSilver can calculate the approximate depth your kids’ will have to dig to reach the precious metal.


  • It is an affordable option for kids
  • With the clear screen, everything is easy to read
  • Bounty Hunter QuickSilver is easy to operate
  • Has enough features to get your kid started on basic treasure hunt


  • It doesn’t have high end features such as ground adjust balancing

2. Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is an upgrade of Junior detector for the youth. It has additional features not found in the Junior Model, including Headphone Input, Three Search Modes and Present Ground Balance.

Headphone Input

This metal detector gives your kid the chance to hear audio signals rather than hearing via the regular speaker located inside the box control.

It is best if you ask your kid to bring their headphones along, so that they don’t disrupt other people in public places.

Three Search Modes

The three search modes built-in in this detector are tone, discrimination and all-metal. If your kid has multiple search mode options he or she will be able to customize better for metal hunting. So they can find jewelry, coins and relics with ease.

Present Ground Balance

This metal detector will detect almost any kind of metal, including microscopic metallic materials and minerals such as iron lying on the ground. With the present ground balance, your kid will not get false signal, hence no frustrations when hunting.


  • It is cheap
  • Easy to use


  • Has no visual target ID
  • This metal detector has no pinpoint mode

​3. Tesoro Compadre

Tesoro Compadre is one of the best metal detectors used by kids. Additionally, it is a metal detector that most treasure hunters use. It is mostly used as a backup in case something happens to the primary detector.

Again, this detector is so lightweight, affordable and easy to use and so it won’t give your kid a hard time.

It features a tank-like contraction to withstand wear and tear. And it comes with a lifetime warranty directly from the manufacturer.

Once you buy this metal detector, you are given a chance to choses from two coil sizes: 5.75” and 8”.


  • Features a simple one knob operation, which is easy to use
  • You can pick between the 5.75 inch coil and 8 inch coil at the same price
  • This metal detector is so light, it weighs roughly 2.2 Ibs
  • It comes in with a lifetime warranty
  • A kid of any age can use it


  • This metal detector doesn’t come in with LED screen although that doesn’t really affect its performance

4. Fisher F22

Fisher F22 is a metal detector ideal for kids who don’t mind working with minimum features. This detector is brought to you by Bounty Hunter’s parent company, who are well known for making some of the best metal detectors for kids and beginners.

It has built-in modes, additional discrimination, and target ID. And it is quite cheap. It weighs about 4 Ibs, so it could be quite heavy for some kids.


  • This detector comes at an affordable price
  • It is easy to use


  • It is a bit heavier

Frequently Asked Questions

Do metal detectors come with warranties?

Yes they do. For example, Fisher and Bounty Hunter come in with a 5 year warranty except the junior model. Other brands like Tesoro offers a lifetime warranty.

What type of targets do these detectors find?

No matter the cost, any metal detector will detect any thing that is metallic.

The only reason some detectors cost a fortune is because of their advanced technology and additional features.

Do these detectors work at the beach?

All detectors function so well even when on the beach. Every metal detector will function well with a single caveat but make sure your kid stays on the dry sand.

Coming in contact with water, pocket of black iron sand and wet sand will lead to false detections.

However, this is normal for metal detectors not specifically made to handle these kind of conditions.

Will these detectors work in water?

Yes they will work but with some caveats. Remember, a metal detector is only waterproof up to the control box level.

You should not let your kid use this gadget in salty water, because salt water contain irons that could trigger false alarm.

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