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Best Kids Shoes for Flat Feet in 2019

Your baby`s feet are a complex structure and can suffer from multiple deformities, including flat feet, heel issues or longer feet. The good thing is that if your child has flat feet, you can realign the flat feet by getting your baby the best kids shoes for flat feet.

A child with flat feet often experiences pain while walking and thus the feet affects his/her day to day activities, the bone growth and even posture. It is important to provide such a kid with a supportive shoe that offers comfort, supports the arch and features a strong heel counter.

However, if the supportive shoe does not ease the pain, you can look out for an orthotic shoe.

Our review list of the top 5 kids’ shoes for flat feet features shoes that are comfy and flexible to support natural foot movement. More importantly, the shoes also come padded with added arch support to reduce the pain

Best Kids Shoes for Flat Feet Review- Top 5 Picks

1. New Balance KV990V4 (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

The NB KV990V4 is undoubtedly the best shoe style that will provide the perfect support for kids with flat feet.

In fact, this shoe is specifically manufactured to cater for the needs of kids with flat feet. The shoe provides all the foot support your baby needs to promote better foot development and improve your kid`s posture, thanks to the built-in arch.

The shoe's well-padded rubber heel sole is essential in providing adequate heel support, which helps in minimizing the impact of the heel on your kid when they hit the ground.

The rubber and outer sole of the shoe play host to the proprietary Ndurance technology- a rubber used in high wear areas. The Ndurance technology renders the shoe extremely durable and long-lasting.

The shoe runs true to size, and if your kid is wearing orthotics with them, you can easily fit them inside the shoe, without depriving them of the comfort they need.

Finally, the thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) heel clip, enhances the durability, and lightness of the shoe.


  • Leather upper construction
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Provides arch support


  • Slip on; taken off easily

2. Memo Karat Diagnostic Orthopedic Boot

The Memo Karat 3DA is an ankle-high orthopedic corrective boot. The natural leather with foam padded upper elements on the upper provides an extra layer of comfort to the super sensitive upper leg.

The shoe is a true definition of an orthopedic pair as it plays host to a plethora of ground-breaking technologies.

For instance, the extra depth for Memo Grey and Arch support insoles provide excellent accommodation for the AFO and orthotics.

On the other hand, the Memo System Technology shows the feet condition within two weeks and gives a solution on whether your kids need to wear orthopedic inserts or not, the type of orthopedics that will make it and many more solutions.

Additionally, the shoe packs plenty of other pragmatic features including Velcro straps for fastening, adjustable hook and loop strap, and durable outsole rubber for optimum traction.


  • Plenty of support technologies
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High-quality corrective boot


  • A bit pricey

3. Memo Polo Diagnostic Orthopedic Sneaker 

The Memo Polo 3BC is yet another orthopedic leather sneaker. It has plenty of features that support the diagnosis and management of flat feet.

For a start, the shoe sports Thomas heel that prevents foot valgus. The heel is also handy in distributing the pressure that emanates from walking or stepping, therefore reducing any pain associated with flat feet.

The corrective and prophylactic Memo Polo 3BC comes with a uniquely designed rubber outsole system that provides dynamic control of proper foot development and support.

The leather-make of the shoe is vital in promoting the longevity, durability, and ease of use. 


  • Durable (Leather-made) 
  • Lightweight
  • Promotes proper foot development
  • Prevents foot valgus


  • Not waterproof

4. Wobbly Waddlers Toddler Boots 

The Wobbly Waddlers are more than just a regular pair of shoes. The cute pair of the boot are consciously and well-crafted from the best quality of genuine leather.

The unique design of the shoe meet all the orthopedic footwear requirements for your little kid.

Like the best kids shoes for flat feet, the Wobbly Waddlers features arched support at the core as well as the midsole of the sole. The arched support of the shoe is not only vital for kids with flat feet but is also important for those kids with developing feet as well.

Besides the arch support on the midsole, the shoe similarly provides ankle support for the ultimate strength and balance for your kid.

The genuine leather construction in the insole and upper renders the shoe durable, free of staining and easy-to-clean.

The flexible rubber sole, which also plays host to contouring arch offers your kid the support and comfort they need. On the other hand, the rounded toe box provides enough room for the toes to wiggle.

Finally, robust and adjustable Velcro straps provide the convenience of putting on and securing the shoe from the curious hands.


  • Ankle and mid-sole support.
  • Genuine leather.
  • Robust Velcro straps.
  • Comfortable


  • Not stylish

5. Boys' Ride Sneaker by Saucony

The Saucony is synonymous with reliability, quality, and performance, and the Saucony Boys' Baby Ride Sneaker extends the legacy of the manufacturer.

This shoe is designed to battle all sorts of foot issues as it packs plenty of features that address all the flat feet needs of your child.

For a start, the leather/mesh design extends the shelf- life of the shoe and improves the breathability and air flow in the shoe.

The mesh, which features crisscross elastic bands over the vamp, leather overlays, and a hook-and-loop strap is essential in keeping the interior of the shoe cool and preventing bad feet odor that emanates from closed shoes.

When it comes to foot support, the shoe has all it takes to ensure that your baby has the foot support they need.

The shoe features a removable molded insole, which provides the much-needed arch support for the growth and development of your baby`s feet.

Besides arch support and pronation control, the removable molded insole enhances the shoe’s ability to similarly support orthotics.

Finally, the removable arch support insole promotes airflow under the foot during activity.

The inclusion of rubber soles that also play host to rubber pod on the non-marking outsole is quite handy in providing the traction that your baby needs during activity.


  • Classy
  • Fairly priced
  • Provides optimum support
  • Velcro straps


  • Designed for boys only.


The best kids shoe for flat feet is not only recommended for kids with flat feet but also for children with developing feet.

Choose the right size of supportive shoe for your kid to help lessen the pain, align your baby’s feet and correct his/her posture. If the pain persists, you can then opt for an orthotics shoe.

Get your child one of the above-listed shoes and help your baby walk and run straight.

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