Best Earbuds for Kids

The Best Earbuds to Buy Your Kids in 2019

Available in three different color options that perfectly suits boys and girls aged 6, and built to hold well in very small ears, the LilGadgets BestBuds In-Ear Headphones are the best earbuds for kids that we have seen so far.

Besides the tangle cable that comes with a built-In playback remote and a microphone, LilGadgets has a commendable volume control for optimizing sound for your youngsters.

The SharePort Adapter isn’t a common technology, at least not with many headphone brands.

The splitter does make the LilGadgets BestBuds stand out, because it allows your children to share audio sound from different devices on the go.

The Research

With so many in-ear headphones options on the market, choosing the best for your kid(s) can be quite a challenge.

You have to not only mind the safety of your kid’s ears, but also consider the price, durability, volume control, the size of your child’s ears,as well as sound blocking features.

When it comes to searching for kids earbuds, you have to keep in mind that how much you are willing to pay determines what you will get.

For example, cheaper options may be suitable for parents under budget, but they don’t always have the advanced bells and whistles that pricier options have.

The goal of this guide is to help you find the right type of in-ear headphones that your kids can wear and use whenever they want to listen to music.

Whether they have small ear canals or anything with quality sound can work for them, our recommendations will help you single out a good set for them.

What are the Best Earbuds Buy for Kids in 2019?

1. Etymotic Research ETY Kids5

Etymotic Research ETY Kids5 is comfortable and lightweight with a well-balanced sound, and it’s specifically designed for kids aged 4 and above.

The reinforced Kevlar cable is durable and less prone to tangle when misused by kids, and the triple flange eartips boosts the noise cancelling levels.

It is important to note that some kids may find Etymotic Research ETY slightly uncomfortable because the triple flange earbuds tips are worn deep inside the ear.

If that’s the case, consider buying your boy or girl earbuds with small eartips first, because they are easy to use and have a shallow insertion.

These can easily reduce the power it receives from gadgets like phones, MP3 player, and tablets to very safe levels.

The audio is great and the bass and treble are tight and properly balanced.

Etymotic Research also offers a nice and sweet mid-range with outstanding clarity to make up for the bass deficiency.


  • It is small and lightweight
  • Features a high quality build
  • It comes in several colors
  • Good volume limiting feature and noise isolation performance


  • It lacks kid’s friendly themes

2. LilGadgets BestBuds Volume Limited Earbuds with Mic

LilGadgets BestBud earbud is a volume limited earbud that comes in with a built-in mic for kids.

This earphone is specifically built for kid’s aged 6 years and above.

It is light and compact with a tangle free cable that sports an inline playback remote with the mic.

With LilGadgets BestBuds, kids can share audio or music sounds with siblings or friends on the go, thanks to the audio splitter, also known as the Share Port Adapter.

And by the way, the splitter is a great feature that also helps prevent arguments between kids.

The shallow insertion means that it does not go deep inside your kids’ ear.

As such, it is more comfortable than Etymotic Research ETY Kids5. And while the durability of this set isn’t quite guaranteed, it is cost-friendly nonetheless.


  • The earbuds come accompanied by a splitter and travel pouch
  • Features a tangle free cable
  • It is best for kids aged 6 years and above
  • It is cheap


  • Some parent complain that they have a short lifespan
  • It doesn’t give off a stellar sound quality

3. Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Premium Wood Earbuds

Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Premium Wood Earbud is available in 5 awesome colors, so you can choose the one that perfectly fits your son or daughter’s taste.

This set has various sizes of eartips and it features a housing made of real wood. Kids who are aged 5 to 6 years may find this earphone too large.

There are some kids’ earphones that are given a toy like construct, but Symphonized Kids isn’t one of them.

Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Premium Wood Earbud can limit volume from sources like iOS devices and Androids to 85 decibels.

Because of the large size of the wooden housing, parents complain it can’t offer a secure fit like Etymotic Research ETY Kids5.


  • Can limit volume to 85 dB
  • Has a fancy look, with real wood housing feature
  • Its silicone eartips come in three sizes S/M/L
  • It is compatible with iOS and android


  • Even the smallest ear tips may appear too big for some kids

4. Wotmic Wireless Sport Earphone

This earbud features an ergonomic hook design, an attachment clip, a remote stop and play button and a microphone.

It is a good product for kids that love to go running.

Do not let your kid use this one to sleep. It can even break down if they use it while leaning their head on a coach.

There are two additional tips in the box. While they are good, there is no need to try them, really. That’s because we find the original one to be quite better. You also get a velvet carrying case.

The sound is perfectly refined. It isolates noise so perfectly, so your young one won’t hear external noise.

The built-in lithium ion battery can keep charge up to 10 hours of continuous talking and listening to music. It can also keep charge for 260 hours on standby.


  • It can perfectly fit
  • The earbud features a comfortable 180° adjustment design
  • It can simultaneously connect two devices –in case you have two Bluetooth enabled smartphones you can connect them easily with the earphone at the same time.


  • It is slightly expensive
  • It requires charging

5. Ouzifish In-Ear Headphones

Ouzifish In-Ear Headphones is made of an aluminum alloy body that has an iPhone matching color.

This earphone is best for both girls and boys and it comes in just the right size for their ears.

It features a thick unbraided cable, which protects it from tangling.

The cable hasstart and stop buttons for controlling music.

This might not be like the Panasonic model, but it is safe to use and feels so comfortable in the ears.

The earphone has an overall clarity and good bass. It comes in at a favorable price and it is the best wired earbud on the list.


  • It comes it at an affordable price
  • Ouzifish In-Ear Headphone is durable
  • Give off good sound quality
  • Feels comfortable when on insertion


  • It has limited features

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use them in noisy environments?

If you want a model that still works best in noisy environments it would be better if you chose a model that can block out external noise or one with active noise cancellation.

Can kids use them while engaging in active sports?

It depends. If your kid engages in vigorous activities it would be best if you bought him or her a more secure and snug fit earbuds.

The good this is that most models today have sweat and water resistant coatings that repel moisture, so they won’t fall off easily.

Is fashion Important?

Fashion is important, right? It is almost on everything these days. When it comes to the best earbuds for kids, considering fashion isn’t really necessary.

What should parent do after buying kids earbuds?

Limit the volume.

No parent would want his sons or daughters hearing ability tempered with, and so make sure that your child is listening to music at a relatively low volume.

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