🥇 Best Developmental Toys for Babies in 2021 – Top 5 Reviews

Top 5 Best Developmental Toys for Babies Reviews in 2021

Every parent wants their babies to be a bright spark, and so do you. Adding play toys to your baby`s registry list helps with the development of early age-appropriate skills. The best developmental toys for babies, in particular, are excellent at supporting brain development and cognitive skills for your child.

Moreover, these toys will allow your kid to use their creativity, encourage imagination, and improve their motor as well as the physical skills by giving them instructions that are easy and fun to follow.

Though there are a variety of developmental toys that fit this brief with all sort of promises, we have selected the top five developmental toys for babies. Our selection features toys that have undergone thorough testing and will deliver what they promise.

1. Taf Toys Seaside Pals Baby Gym (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

The Taf Toys Seaside is a thoughtful and well-crafted baby gym for your kid, when do babies discover their hands . Available in a thickly padded, and richly colored mat, this baby gym has all that your baby requires for a fun-filled experience, added comfort, and development.

Sporting a modest dimension of 35.4 * 53 inches of thickly padded and extra soft fabric, this mat is spacious enough for twins to play and is designed to stimulate your little one`s senses.

The mat comes with four arch-shaped removable arches that play host to several sense-invigorating toys such as a kid-safe mirror, jingle bells whale, a rattling jittering rabbit toys and a crinkling boat with a teether for the ultimate fun and development.

This kid’s gym also features a soft, best crawling toys for babies, puffy seaside theme mat available in a colorful, vibrant texture and illustrations, all which, contribute to stimulating your baby’s senses.

And if you feel your kid needs more playing area, you will appreciate the fact that the arches that support the 4 play toys are removable, thus, creating more playing space for your young one.

Another unique feature of this baby gym is that it`s lightweight and portable. Weighing 1.9 lbs, this toy allows you to carry it along with you wherever you go.

Suitable from birth and “grows” with your baby.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Spacious enough- Can accommodate twins.
  • Lots of fun
  • Stimulate your baby’s senses.
  • Some customers complain of its material being slippery.

2. Duplo LEGO Town Big Farm Toy

What a better way of sparking your kid`s imagination other than using a big farm set? Featuring a complete set of buildable models, this Duplo LEGO Town Farm has everything you need for you and your kid to live on a farm.

From the tractors, animals, farm manager, farm owner, barns to anything you can think of that needs to be in a farm; this complete set triggers your kids’ wildest imaginations on how to place the 121 pieces.

Built for the small hand, the LEGO DUPLO building toys are easy to use. The pieces are compatible with other LEGO construction sets for creative building and will allow your kid to manipulate the pieces as they like, which will ultimately spur their motor as well as physical skills.

Recommended smart toys for kids aged two years to five years; girls and boys alike.

  • Fun
  • ​Unisex
  • ​Impacts your child’s development positively.
  • Abit pricey but worth it.

3. Kolcraft Tiny Steps Activity Walker

The Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker doubles up as a developmental toy as well as a walker (improves your baby’s motor skills).

The Tiny Steps walker serves as a dual-purpose toy that can be used both as a seat for extra comfort and support, and when your baby matures up, s/he can use it as a walk-behind walker.

Your baby will have so much fun with the brightly colored developmental toys. Some of these toys include spinning ball, flower mirror toy and bead bar. These toys not only serve to improve motor skill development, but they are also entertaining for your little one.

What’s more? Your baby can enjoy using these developmental toys right from infancy up to toddler stage.

To underscore a comfortable and hassle-free experience, this toy features adjustable seat pad and high foam seat for additional support and comfort.

Like many of the best developmental toys for babies, these smart toys for toddlers maintains the safety integrity of your kid, thanks to the independent front swivel and a non-skid friction pad.

The independent front swivel wheel allows for easy maneuverability, while the non-skid friction pads at the base, enhance the safety of your child allow your kid to come to a sudden stop within no time.

In addition, the toy ‘grows’ with your baby, easy to clean (features Machine washable seat pad) and compact.

  • Safe and sturdy.
  • ​2 in 1; seated activity walker and walk-behind walker.
  • ​Features developmental toys.
  • ​Easy to clean.
  • Compact
  • Not suitable for big babies; above 27 lbs.

4. RC Military Truck Army 4WD by LIKESIDE

The LIKESIDE baby toy has a more of a physical or rather mechanical approach in improving the motor as well as physical skills. This army truck uses more of a problem-solving approach and lets your kid figure out how things work out.

For a start, the army truck is laden with a variety of common shapes which helps in broadening the scope of your kids shape recognition skills. Aside from improving their knowledge of shapes, the variety of shapes here help in refining their motor skills as well as special recognition.

Aside from the problem-solving aspect, racing this ramp captivates your kid’s attention, allowing your kid to pay attention to detail, build concentration, and improve their hand-eye coordination.

This is not to mention that linking things together and driving the truck on challenging terrain improves the creativity of your kid, and allows them to see the world in a new and better way.

Unlike most toys, which are usually self-oriented, the TC military truck allows role-playing, which promotes communications skills and enhances social interactions among kids.

Recommended for children aged 3 years and above.

5. B. Toys Bazillion Buckets Nesting Cups by Battat (BEST BUDGET)

Your son or daughter will surely get fascinated by these stacking buckets.

The Bazillion Buckets playset does not only provide your child with lots of fun but also play a positive impact in your little one’s development.

For the busybodies, this developmental toy will captivate their mind, and keep them calm/quiet for a longer period as they stack the colorful buckets.

The best part of this toy is how your baby will enjoy stacking the buckets up high and later knocking them back down.

Many kids also love the satisfaction that comes with seeing a rainbow tower that they have just created by themselves.

The primary developmental benefit that your kid acquires from nesting or rather stacking these buckets is the improvement of your kid`s hand-eye coordination and refining of the motor skills.

See, gross motor skills examples accurately stacking more than 10 pieces of buckets, while sorting them according to their color and shape, and still counting them requires a blend of various motor as well as physical skills.

Additionally, your baby can enjoy sandcastle making on the beach using the Bazillion buckets.

Recommended for babies aged 18months-8 years.


Allow your kid to see the world in a different perspective, appreciate what they have and improve their motor and well as physical skills by investing in the best developmental toys for babies.

Parents should choose and combine each type of toys well for each stage of the baby’s development, toys for newborns, learning to walk, toys for crawling ….

Fortunately, we have provided you with a conclusive list of superior quality toys that are going to be resourceful and of value to your kid.

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